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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work for my historical promo links?

Yes, PromoTracker syncs your entire history of promo links, including deleted ones, to give you complete insight into your marketing performance so far.

Does this identify scam promos?

Yes, PromoTracker can identify potential scam promos on OnlyFans. By showing which promos generate revenue and which ones don't, you can avoid scammers selling fake traffic.

What setup is required?

Just install the Chrome Extension, no complex setup required. PromoTracker works seamlessly and securely within your OnlyFans account through our verified Google Chrome Extension, to immediately start tracking your promo performance.

Will it work on my phone/tablet?

PromoTracker works on Chrome Browser on Desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS). As PromoTracker requires an Chrome Extension to work, it is unavailable on iOS or Android.

Can my employees / manager use the extension?

Yes! Once activated on your account, the PromoTracker extension will work for your employees/manager. You do not need to buy separate licenses. They can just install the extension to their chrome browser, and it will work on your OnlyFans account.

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