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PromoTracker OnlyFans free trial link tracking revenue attribution

All-in-one Promo Link Revenue Tracking for OnlyFans

PromoTracker is your secret weapon for running insanely profitable promos & traffic strategies on OnlyFans.

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Advanced OnlyFans link analytics

Track your promo link ROI

Don't waste your money on ineffective promos like everyone else. Find out which promotions are delivering results, avoid scams, and identify your top-performing sources of traffic.

Works for all your:

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Free Trial Links
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Tracking Links
PromoTracker OnlyFans trial tracking link traffic affiliate revenue attribution
Share OnlyFans Tracking Promo Links Revenue Data PromoTracker
Best Campaign Manager - Human X Webflow Template
Groundbreaking traffic strategies

Share link data with others

Easily give your partners & affiliates access to data they need.

Create sharable links for others to view the data on tracking links and trial links.

PromoTracker enables you to build a groundbreaking traffic strategy, based on a % commission of total revenue that comes through each tracking link or trial link.

✅  OnlyFans with PromoTracker

Track Which fans Claimed Your Promos

Automatically keep track of which fans claimed each promo.

Get valuable insight into where your most valuable fans came from.

See How Much Revenue Each Promo Earned

You don't have to guess which promos worked and which didn't.

Find out how exactly much revenue each Free Trial Link and Tracking Link has made.

Calculate Your Profit & ROI From Each Promo

Get data-driven with your promo strategy.

Easily calculate each promo's profit and ROI, so you can buy promos with confidence.

❌  OnlyFans without PromoTracker

Never Knowing If Your Promos Are Worth It

You might pour time and money into countless promos & traffic sources.

Still, you will have no idea if they're reaching valuable fans, or if your promos were worth it.

Scams & Fake Promos Can't Be Detected

Did your promo bring real or fake subs?

Not being able to identify whether your new subs are real or fake bots can cost you thousands.

Can't Track How Much Your Promos Made

Without promo tracking, you're in the dark about your profits.

If you don't know your profits, you can't know which promos to avoid, and which to buy again.

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Stop wasting your money on ineffective promos. Find out which promotions are delivering results, avoid scams, and identify your top-performing sources of traffic.

OnlyFans promo GG traffic revenue profit attribution

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work for my historical promo links?

Yes, PromoTracker syncs your entire history of promo links, including deleted ones, to give you complete insight into your marketing performance so far.

Does this identify scam promos?

Yes, PromoTracker can identify potential scam promos on OnlyFans. By showing which promos generate revenue and which ones don't, you can avoid scammers selling fake traffic.

What setup is required?

Just install the Chrome Extension, no complex setup required. PromoTracker works seamlessly and securely within your OnlyFans account through our verified Google Chrome Extension, to immediately start tracking your promo performance.

Will it work on my phone/tablet?

PromoTracker works on Chrome Browser on Desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS). As PromoTracker requires an Chrome Extension to work, it is unavailable on iOS or Android.

Can my employees / manager use the extension?

Yes! Once activated on your account, the PromoTracker extension will work for your employees/manager. You do not need to buy separate licenses. They can just install the extension to their chrome browser, and it will work on your OnlyFans account.

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